Paul’s Healthy Honey’s are Organic and chemical residue free.

This means that our hives are located in the countryside usually over 10 kilometers from where where there are traces of pesticides and in pure clean open spaces.

What is “real ” organic honey?

If you have a beehive in your backyard is it really organic?

The answer is technically yes.

However is your neighbours are using pesticides or poisons in their gardens then your bees may travel to their properties and pick up these chemicals, so your honey is not organic anymore but prone to contain chemical residue.


We DO NOT use any heat treatment or artificial additives in any of our honeys so they are all of premium quality and raw.

Why? Paul has been researching honey since 2011 and has traveled extensively and contacted many apiaries and honey experts from all over the world to source the finest quality products and recipes.


Many  honeys especially those often found in supermarkets are heat treated or pasteurised and some have been mixed with syrups, water and other ingredients.

This means that all of the good bacteria are killed and the many medicinal benefits are lost.

Honey is a natural medicine and has been used to heal many illnesses for centuries.

You may have seen programs on television or youtube explaining how miraculous organic and Manuka honeys can be.

Paul’s infusions are designed to assist as remedies and to treat specific health issues.

Health professionals are now using Manuka honey in hospitals both as an antibiotic which can be applied on open wounds, both internally and externally and is also to assist with treating cancer.

There are many costs associated with his                                                                                             research and testing and sourcing of                                                                                                        products but to achieve the goal of being                                                                                                  number one this is  a critical part of his                                                                                                    philosophy.


When we go out to visit friends either for a meal or if they are unwell in hospital what do you usually take?

Flowers, chocolates, wine ?

Why not think of taking a HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE that lasts for a while?

Paul’s Healthy Honey Collection honeys all have a 5 year use by date and honey never goes off.


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Introduction to Paul’s Healthy Honey


I’ve loved the taste of honey all of my life.  I remember when I was a young boy in England, my Mother always gave me lemon and honey in boiling water when I had a sore throat or cold.  The honey sweetened the bitterness of the lemon.

In 2013 I went through a career path change and assisted my friend in his health food shop.  Many people asked us many questions and honey was a popular seller.  Not the run of the mill supermarket honey but better quality ones like organic, pesticide and antibiotic free honeys.

Honey sold at supermarkets are sometimes a mix of local and imported honeys. I was completely unaware that some honeys could be affected by antibiotics and pesticides.

So I decided to search for some better honeys.  I visited over 120 markets and around 30 apiaries over a two year period.  I saw lots of plain honey, some organic honey, many different varieties like Yellowbox, Leatherwood, Grey Box, Red Gum, Salvation Jane, Blue gum, Orange blossom, Stringy Bark Malaleuca, Clover, Manuka and Iron Bark.  I also researched on the internet and saw many different mixes of honeys from interstate and overseas.

I’ve contacted apiaries and bee farmers all over Australia, New Zealand, USA Canada, England, Greece and Holland and researched articles about bees and bee shortages and honeys from all over the world.

From this research I found some ancient recipes which mix pure natural honeys with fruits and spices.  I’ve now made these ancient, secret and hidden recipes to share with you.

Several of my honey blends take up to three days to process.  We have to mix the various ingredients and stir several times, but when the process is complete you have the perfect result.

My range of honeys can have many health benefits and through reading articles and contacting scientists and health professionals some of the results have proven toZ be quite an eye opener.

Most of my honey collection can be spread on bread or toast or added to hot water or milk or just taken by the spoon. Some honey blends can be digested for medicinal purposes, applied to the skin to relieve pain or help cuts and burns heal and also they can be used for beauty purposes and very importantly I believe, the honey tastes great.


All the honeys are now now kosher herpes treatment certified. Below is a copy of the kosher certificate:

kosher certificate