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Frequently Asked Questions about Manuka Honey
Plus, some information about our Products and Processes

Find out why Manuka Honey is so amazing...

New Zealand Manuka honey is usually much thicker than Australian Manuka honey, and our tests have shown us that the majority of NZ products often add glycerine and use heat treatment to blend their honey, whereas Paul’s Healthy Honey has zero additives and doesn’t use any heat treatment at all. Lots of the Manuka honey available in Australia is of a substantially higher grade than that of even the medicinal honey used in New Zealand hospitals (approx 20% of the Manuka honey produced here – including Paul’s Healthy Honey).
Australia is also home to approximately 80 different species of the Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium) while New Zealand has only one species (Leptospermum scoparium). Also, the Manuka plant originated in Australia and moved as a result of long-distance dispersal events to New Zealand from eastern Australia sometime during the l930’s – so – Australia is the true ancestral home of Manuka honey.
NZ Manuka honey also has a different rating scale than Australia, with 5+ UMF NZ being equivalent to 40+ MGO Aus, 10+ UMF NZ is equivalent to our 160+ MGO Aus, and 15+ UMF NZ is equivalent to Australian 260+ MGO. 

The higher the numbers, the higher the medicinal strength of the honey. All of our honey is stringently strength-tested in a laboratory and comes back with a medicinal rating. Our 40+ is usually between 40-83 MGO, but we put the lowest concentration number on our labels, which is much stronger than the great majority of our competitors. Manuka Honey of 30+ MGO or less has very little medicinal benefits, whereas anything over 40+ can be used on a great variety of minor ailments, with many of our regular customers adamant that our 260+ honey has helped, or even cured, many major health issues.

MGO is an acronym for a natural compound found in Manuka honey called methylglyoxal, which is responsible for much of the unique medicinal activity of Manuka honey. MGO comes from another component called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which occurs organically in the nectar of flowers of some Leptospermum plants. Various species of this plant produce different levels of DHA that give rise to the varying antibacterial potencies of this special honey. Scientists looking at Australian honey have found a number of sources of Manuka with exceptionally high levels of DHA activity, and this is why we source all our ingredients here, and firmly believe Australian Manuka honey is the best honey in the world. 

The majority of Paul’s Healthy Honey is produced at our hives in country Victoria, but we also source high-quality ingredients from all over Australia, selecting the finest honey from only the best hives and apiaries. We work with 38 other award-winning Australian Beekeepers.
Some of our more deluxe ingredients come from some amazing places, with our ginger coming from the Buderim ginger plant in QLD, our lemons further up in far north QLD, and our cinnamon being our only non-Australian ingredient, coming from Sri Lanka. These ingredients are used in our infusions which take over between 38-48 hours to mix, and are made according to our exclusive recipes. 

Absolutely not. We only use raw, untreated honey of the highest quality, and do not use any quality-detracting heat treatment or artificial additives. This is 100% guaranteed. 

Paul’s Healthy Honey used to be in over 120 Health Food stores in Victoria, but corporate buyers charged both ourselves and the public heavily inflated prices, so we discontinued this, now only selling directly to the public via our online store or at a wide range of amazing weekend markets across Victoria. 

Delivery Charges are usually via Australia post or Aramex courier, with standard price approx $10 AUD for delivery of a single item within Australia, and approx $15 for multiple items. We have a wide range of different prices for global delivery, and we try to be as fair as possible to our customers, making no profit out of delivery costs.  

Our product dispatch is always punctual, with delivery anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. Yet, estimating exact times of delivery during the pandemic is almost impossible, with many national postal services downgrading their staff and experiencing serious delays. We cannot predict delays, and hope you exercise patience during COVID.
Still, we always do our utmost to get your product in the fastest possible time. 

Yes, we do refunds if there are faults with the products, but we prefer to exchange a faulty or damaged item with a new one. In the 7 years we have been trading we have not had any complaints or issues. We only exchange products so long as they have not been opened or damaged. We ask you to not accept products on delivery if you can see they are faulty. 


Yes, we do. We don’t discount openly online, but if you visit our market stalls on any given weekend we have substantial discounts for purchases or multiple items. Also, we are in the process of setting up a loyalty program for our regular online customers.

100% Pure Australian Organic Healthy Honey

At Paul’s Healthy Honey we pride ourselves on sourcing the best chemical free and organic honey from hives across Australia. Please check out our exclusive range of healthy honey infusions: Lemon, Cinnamon and Ginger; or our range of premium quality Australian Manuka Honey.